NOTE: The following names are citizens who have endorsed and/or financially supported Jon’s campaign for city council in 2021. This is NOT UPDATED for 2023 nor are any endorsements assumed for THIS campaign. To be updated soon.


Bobbie Briscoe, Port Commissioner

Erin Gunter, Ferndale City Council Member

Bill Elfo , Whatcom County Sheriff

Tyler Byrd, Whatcom County Council

Scott Korthuis, Lynden Mayor

Greg Crim, Ferndale Planning Commission

Tim Cornwell, Ferndale E.A.G.L.E. Board (former planning commissioner)

Sean Hegstead, Ferndale E.A.G.L.E. Board

Susan Cole, Ferndale Planning Commission, chair

Todd McKernan, chair, Ferndale Parks Board (PRTAB)

Sara Fassett, Ferndale Parks Board (PRTAB)

Ken Bell, Port Commissioner

Dean Withrow, Ferndale Parks Board

Al Gitts, The Community Center Advisory Board (CCAB)


Dr. Jack Thompson, Ferndale School Superintendent

Fred Kennedy, Ferndale City Council, Planning Commission

Russ Johnston, Ferndale City Council

Steve Malpezzi, Ferndale City Council

Connie Faria, Ferndale City Council, Planning Commission

Teresa Taylor, Ferndale City Council

Carol Brumet, Ferndale City Council, Planning Commission

Luanne Van Wervan, 42nd District State Representative

Vince Buys, 42nd District State Representative

Eileen Sobjack, Whatcom Charter Review Commission

Connie Hoag, Whatcom County Council

Paul Bulanov, Ferndale Parks Board

Dustin Sasken, Planning Commission

Cliff Langley, Whatcom Charter Review Commission

Chester (Chet) Dow, Whatcom Charter Review Commission

LEADING CITIZENS (partial list). If you wish to be included send email to [email protected]

Alex Hernandez

Jocsan Hernandez

Cleve and Joni Schwenke

Sharon Van Sant

Judy Brulotte

Judy Hutmacher

Sara Fassett

Joanne Donnellan

Elinor King

Jono Anderson

Donna Pollman

Glenda Thompson

Gordy Bay

Amrit Sidhu

Nancy Knapp

Wayne and Marylynn Weed

John and Gerrice Friberg

Nancy Larsen-Kolakowski

Durpreet Sandhu

David Braithwaite

D.J. VanWeerdhuizen

Ron York

Jim Lucas

Val Johnston

Bruce Ayers

Christy Callender

Jim Pettinger

Diane Mutchler

Jeff McKay

Carolyn Anderson

Charles (Chuck) Nelson

Max and Carole Perry

Joan Dow

Ellen Korthuis

Brad and Ronda Oxford

John Lesow

Ford Hill

Bruce and Linda Mooney

Erik Johnson

Timothy Sheehan

Sean Brogan

Hedy Erado

Matthew Beck

Andrew Gustafson

Shawn Morton

Joel Douglas

Robert Washburn

Susan Kaplan

Dale and Judy Lofall

Joe and Kathy St. Hilaire

Frank and Patrica Imhoff

Carl Angell

Orphalee Smith

Andrew and Jessica Schlicting

Tamira Bhachu

Daniel Bell

William (Bill) Henshaw

Greg Grant

Eric and Natali Asplund

Rob and Chris McKenzie

Pierre Constintin

Brent McMillan

Rowena McKernan

Mike Kent

Brad and Heather Kelly

Lyle Sorenson

Sally Mickley

Randy Manthey

Kathleen Berger

Kristine Chalfant

Greg Mutchler

Dr. Susan Constintin

Ralph Rittenhouse

Rich Ullsmith

Sandra Hamm

Candice Childs

Lorraine Newman

Frank and Lorelei Chambers

David Wright

Phil Dyer

John Templeton

Sally Lynch

Greg Rice

David Hiller

Cynthia Ripke-Kutsagoitz

Kris Halterman

Jamie Collins

David and Debra Hiller

Drew Patterson

Neil Cox

Jeff and Leslie Likkel

Kevin Harris

Paul Peterson

Arnold Evanson

David and Vikki Esser

Jon Soine

John Ramsey

John Templeton

Tim Probst

Jeremiah Ramsey

Sean Jeffery

Robert (Bob) Storms