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Jon was sworn on in Monday evening, January 4, 2016, 6:00 PM at Council Chambers (Corner of 2nd and Vista).  The public is invited.
“I appreciate that you are a good listener and able to deliver objectivity and wisdom to our city matters. You’ve consistently advocated for the Ferndale community and citizens. No need to re-package yourself as a candidate for mayor because you’ve demonstrated yourself authentically over the years. If anyone can bridge the gap between partisan politics, I believe you’re that man.” [JEANIE BRUMLEY, Ferndale mother, realtor]
“If you want a mayor to hear your concerns and help our city with managed and responsible growth while serving our community with honesty and integrity, I believe you should vote for Jon. He has my full support.” [FRED KENNEDY, Ferndale Planning Commission]
“I am confident that Jon is the right choice to continue [our city’s] progress as our next mayor. I’ve known him for over twenty years and have watched his service and leadership on the city council over the last six.  He’s the right person to lead City Hall.”  [GARY JENSEN, mayor of Ferndale]
“Our choice is Jon Mutchler for mayor, because we believe he is deeply invested in our community and will lead with vision and integrity.” [ANNIE & BOONE CARLSON, FHS math teacher]
“I admire Jon for his convictions and dedication to our community and his desire to make Ferndale a family- and business-oriented community … we need a mayor that can envision how our city can grow on both counts: a great place for families and businesses. I strongly feel that Jon Mutchler is our candidate.” [VICTOR BOULOS, FHS Boosters and small business owner]
 2 minutes with Jon at his studio!


With Ferndale Mayor Jensen, and Lynden Mayor Korthius

With Ferndale Mayor Jensen, and Lynden Mayor Korthius

Jon is running for mayor, endorsed by current mayor Gary Jensen, and other leading citizens. 
•  F.E.R.N.:  Jon’s 4 top priorities, click here.
Financial Discipline
Economic Vitality
Respectful Service
Neighborhood &Community
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Jon and Diane, married 30 years

Jon and Diane, married 30 years

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• Jon answers questions from the WA League of Women Voters.  Click here (and follow directions on upper-left to find your list of candidates, including Ferndale mayor)
Recent LETTER TO THE EDITOR from citizen. Click to open

Recent LETTER TO THE EDITOR from citizen. Click to open


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Jon’s letter of announcement:

Dear Family, Friend, Neighbor:

You have likely heard by now that I am running to be Ferndale’s next mayor. It was recently announced in the Bellingham Herald and Ferndale Record

Two years ago after my city council reelection Mayor Gary Jensen (who is retiring at the end of the year to run for Port Commissioner) first suggested the idea to me and this April Gary called and asked me to run, pledging his support.

That’s a big endorsement, but even bigger shoes to fill.  I know.


Jon during a Ferndale City Council meeting

Something in my own thinking about this challenge has shifted from it being something I thought I might “want” to do, to something I felt I “should” do. And that has been confirmed the last few weeks by Ferndale citizens right-handed and left-handed; those inside and outside my faith community; people that work for the city, and those outside who have to do business with the city. I feel well-supported in this decision from places I never expected.

The discipline and core value that drives me is respect. I respect the citizens and businesses that pay the bills and make this city work. I respect the quality professionals that serve our city government. And I respect the elected officials that govern. I respect them even when we disagree. I think that matters.


All the Mutchlers after kids took Jon and Diane out to dinner on their 30th wedding anniversary, April 2015

My priority has always been to put the public’s interests before mine or political agendas. I find common ground and practical solutions to challenges because I’m accessible to citizens, study hard, and consider how decisions will impact Ferndale ten, twenty, forty years into the future. I want my seven children and future grandchildren to say, “Dad, you and the city made some important, difficult, but good decisions back in your day, and we’re enjoying the benefits of a great city today.”

I am a conservative, but a practical one. We have to govern and serve, but if our

County executive Jack Louws and Ferndale mayor Gary Jensen at the Lummi Kwina Mile Run, 2014

County executive Jack Louws and Ferndale mayor Gary Jensen at the Lummi Kwina Mile Run, 2014

values don’t advance the public’s interest they are rubbish. Government is called to do a limited number of things, but must do them well. The rest is up to us—the

Lummi chairman Tim Ballew, Bellingham mayor, Kelli Linville (Seaahawk Night, Super Bowl eve)

Lummi chairman Tim Ballew, Bellingham mayor, Kelli Linville (Seahawk Night, Super Bowl eve)


I believe in open and accountable government and have led the city in “going the extra mile” to ensure the public is well informed.

Ferndale is called the “City of Opportunity.” That means our government needs to “get out of the way” as much as possible to allow citizens, families, businesses and service groups to succeed.


Jon volunteering on a self-help home in the South Church Road part of Ferndale. Jon has helped nearly 40 families get into their first home through this program, including two of his children.

I don’t have a radical new direction for Ferndale. Law enforcement and public safety come first. I won’t compromise on a clean and healthy environment. Our infrastructure (streets, water, sewer, stormwater) is near the top. Then, out of our fiscal health and prosperity, we discuss, study and pursue other priorities and ideas that benefit all of Ferndale.


Recent LETTER TO THE EDITOR from Ferndale citizen Bob Storms

Finally, I appreciate the friends, officials, and political leaders who encouraged me to run for Whatcom County Council this year. I thought hard about it, but Ferndale is home to me and my family and is where I wish to serve now. I am also still serving as the pastor of Ferndale Alliance Church. The job of mayor is part-time (and pays about $19,000/year) and I will continue serving Ferndale in my role as our church’s pastor. 


PS: If you wish to help with my efforts, just let your friends know. “Like” and “Share” my Facebook announcements. And if you want to make a campaign donation (it would help), make it to Jon Mutchler Campaign at the address below. And if you have any questions, please ask. Thank you!
PO Box 1834
Ferndale, WA 98248

Teaching students at Blaine/Drayton Harbor Music Festival

Teaching students at Blaine/Drayton Harbor Music Festival (click on pict)

Jon’s official candidate statement:

Ferndale’s next mayor must value our traditions, have earned the confidence of citizens and the respect of City Hall, and have a track record of thinking smart about Ferndale’s future.  That’s why current mayor Gary Jensen has joined others (neighbors on the left, right, and center) in supporting Jon Mutchler.


Jon and daughter Maddie after Bellingham Bay Marathon (2014)

Jon is accessible and listens. Even citizens who have disagreed with him at times support him. He is relentless in promoting transparency, fights for low taxes and frugal government, and works hard to see that city growth (especially at our four I-5 interchanges) occurs only when adequate impact mitigation is in place to avoid the mistakes of other cities.

Jon has the experience, temperament, and skills to lead well and protect our interests. Safety, the environment, and quality of life issues come first. Then, as much as possible, government needs to “get out of the way” so citizens and businesses can excel.

Jon and Diane (former Ferndale teacher) have built two homes in Ferndale, raised seven children, are new grandparents, and have demonstrated a longterm investment and commitment to a great Ferndale future. For more details visit  And please, “Vote for Jon!”  Thank you!



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General Election Day: November 3.

New mayor begins serving January 1, 2016. 4-year term.

Jon’s piece in the Herald on the challenges of being a “pastortician” (pastor/politician):  Click here


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