Quotes: What others say about Jon

These are a sample of letters and quotes from people who have known Jon.

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With Ferndale Mayor Jensen, and Lynden Mayor Korthius

With Ferndale Mayor Jensen, and Lynden Mayor Korthius

“Ferndale should be pleased over the progress we’ve made over the last few years. I am confident that Jon is the right choice to continue that progress as our next mayor. I’ve known him for over twenty years and have watched his service and leadership on the city council over the last six.  He’s the right person to lead City Hall.”  [GARY JENSEN, mayor of Ferndale]


“During the past 28 years of living in Ferndale I have been aware that Jon Mutchler was a “mover and shaker” in our city. He is simply what most people look for in a candidate for office, one who listens, responds, and reports back to the people he represents in a timely manner. His honesty is unquestioned, in my opinion.

My first informative letter came after Jon was narrowly elected to the Ferndale city council. The periodic informational letters are a delight to read. They are not only informative but well written and touch on the important things the council is currently working on and what they are planning as well. I looked forward to those periodic updates over his time in office.

His availability is also notable; Woods Coffee mornings are his open door to the community. I met him there as did several others that said that they had met with him there also. He often takes notes of a conversation to bring our ideas to the council. No one else does that.

Now Jon is running for the position of mayor of Ferndale. He has proven to me to be a responsible, effective, accessible city councilman and will definitely have my vote for mayor. Ferndale can use his leadership as well as his movin’ and shakin’. Besides, he seems to love Ferndale as much as I do and that means a lot to me. [BOB STORMS, retired Ferndale teacher and band director]

“I’m backing Jon Mutchler for Mayor of Ferndale. Will you join me? Ferndale has prospered in a difficult time under the strong leadership of its current mayor, Gary Jensen, and I think it’s imperative that we continue on this path.

My line of work occasionally draws me into Ferndale City Council meetings to listen and to be heard. I happened to be in attendance at Jon Mutchler’s first city council meeting and I was immediately impressed with his participation and critical thinking on his first night. I thought to myself “He is going to be a true asset to the city council and the Ferndale community,” and he certainly has been.

Jon has great leadership qualities. One of those qualities is that he listens to people’s opinions on issues that matter. In fact, he has a history of being proactive and reaching out to people to ask important questions that will need to be answered by Ferndale’s leaders. I like that about him. He’s available and approachable. He loves the community and wants the best for it. To be fair, I think the people he’s running against in the primaries do too, but I have seen clear evidence that Jon is head and shoulders above the other candidates. If we want the best for Ferndale, we need the best leadership possible and that’s Jon Mutchler.” [RON YORK, Ferndale homebuilder]

“Let’s vote for a mayor who will reach out, inform, and keep your interests in mind. I believe Jon Mutchler is that type of leader. My neighborhood has personally witnessed his commitment to these qualities.

Last October the city came within three days of voting to declare a beautiful, developed city park “surplus” so they could sell it to developers. Contrary to what they had been told, Horizon View Park is a beautiful, city-maintained, and well-loved park. When Jon discovered the facts he decided the city should inform the local residents what they were about to lose, even though the city wasn’t required to do so. He personally hand-delivered the notice to affected neighbors.

By informing our neighborhood about the city’s plans, Jon demonstrated a genuine concern for the average, hard-working folks who were about to lose one of their neighborhood’s most cherished assets. It gave all of us the opportunity to address the council at the 11th hour. We did and most of them listened, except one.

Horizon View Pari, North Ferndale

Horizon View Pari, North Ferndale

Cathy Watson was the only council member to oppose the motion to dismiss the matter of selling the park. Our cherished park is a quality of life issue she chose to disregard. As it turned out, the sale of the park was completely unnecessary anyway. Vote for someone who respects your wishes, not for someone who will dismiss them. [DARIN SOMERS, FHS school teacher, citizen]

Click here for the Bellingham Herald article on the near-sale of this park:


“As a resident of Ferndale who attended Ferndale schools while growing up I have seen a lot of changes in Ferndale. It was not that many years ago that we had a junkyard where the Ferndale Haggen and associated businesses are now located. This is just one of many changes that have occurred in Ferndale over the years. 

We have been so fortunate to have many changes that have improved the family friendly lifestyle of Ferndale while maintaining the small community feel that we love.

I believe Jon Mutchler cares most about families and individuals. I have observed him greeting warmly members of our community that were in the greatest need and not even of the capacity to vote long before he became a candidate for local government. He continues to be that same compassionate individual today.

Jon’s family reflects positively for Ferndale. I am glad they are a part of Ferndale. I am also glad to count Jon a friend in the community that I trust to act with the best interest of all Ferndale residents.

Anyone who knows Jon knows he is about the community as a whole. That means families, Individuals and those who support our community in the form of small business. Jon has been fiscally conservative while still supporting needful projects that benefit the community we love. I trust Jon Mutchler to continue that work as Mayor of Ferndale.” [MICK JOLLY, owner of Karate Quest, Ferndale resident]

“I am stunned that a supporter of Cathy Watson is criticizing mayoral candidate Jon Mutchler because a few of us who build homes in Ferndale support him. Most people don’t realize the layers of government, codes and expenses we go through before we put the first shovel in the ground or hang a 2 x 4.

Those $22,000-$28,000 in permit, impact and hookup fees we pay the city of Ferndale? We actually don’t. We add that to the cost of the home, pass them along to the buyer, or we don’t build. And that’s when home prices go up. Less inventory, more demand and higher prices like they have in Bellingham.

I am proud to support Jon Mutchler. I’ve known him for 30 years and he gets it. He’s built two family homes and volunteered to help 37 families over the last dozen years build their first homes (with the Whatom/Skagit self-help home program). To me that’s having skin in the game.

He understands both sides of the permit counter. And I don’t think any council member knows the codes better than Jon.

I build homes. Nice ones, and most are very affordable. I like doing it. But anti-homebuilder attitudes cause short- and long-term harm to a community.

Yes, I support Jon. He isn’t the “big land developer” candidate. Jon is the affordable housing and local small family business candidate. I believe he’s looking out for you.

Jon assisting new homeowners build their new homes on South Church Rd

Jon assisting new homeowners build their new homes on South Church Rd, Sept 2015

More important than ever, vote for Jon.” [DANIEL VANWEERDHUIZEN, Ferndale homebuilder]

“I believe Jon Mutcher, a candidate for the mayor of Ferndale, is dependably dependable. I speak from experience. My husband Boone, who is a math teacher at Ferndale High, and I have known Jon for 32 years. I believe the enthusiastic, service-oriented Jon Mutchler that we knew back in college at WWU, and whom Boone drove tour buses with during Alaska summers, will make an excellent mayor of Ferndale.

Jon volunteers personally and tirelessly in our community. 

When we were building our home nine years ago, Jon would stop by while he was out cycling and ask if he could help pound nails for an afternoon. When several of our children were Jon’s piano students a few years later, Jon graciously offered one of our children a whole year of free lessons. Jon’s service, leadership and caring nature are the trademarks of who he is.

Jon has lived in this community for three decades and knows the heartbeat of its citizens. Whether through the terms he served as a Ferndale City Counsil member, the hours he volunteered building with the Whatcom-Skagit Housing, or by just grabbing a rake and shovel and helping with a Saturday community clean up, Jon has faithfully led through service and caring.

Our vote is Jon Mutchler for mayor, because we believe he is deeply invested in our community and will lead with vision and integrity.” [ANNIE & BOONE CARLSON, FHS math teacher]

“I vote regularly. I used to believe that was enough. I have never been personally involved in a political campaign. This time, it is not enough. I believe the mayoral race in Ferndale is crucial to all this year. Jon Mutchler is the candidate I believe will look out for all. I am an unabashed Democrat. Jon has never made any declaration of party preference, as it should be. Jon’s actions have been non-partisan. He looks out for all. I believe people who say he is beholden to special interests are wrong. Campaign contributions were made by Ferndale families and small businesses hoping to have someone who will listen to them and protect their quality of life. I’ve witnessed what I believe to be the absolute lack of regard for that from his opponent. Watson voted against the others to raze our neighborhood park— a place where kids play daily and overworked adults take a breath.

Jon was the only one to alert us to the pending destruction of our park, personally delivering a letter before it was sold to developers for fast cash. Council hadn’t properly funded another project, and I believe looked for a quick fix. We rallied. Watson was the only one to still vote for destruction. Hard to swallow that someone I believe so callous could have such influence over our lives. Jon Mutchler cares for all and has decades of experience. I ask you to vote for Jon. [KRISTI EGTVEDT SOMERS, resident]

Click here for the Bellingham Herald article on the near-sale of this park:

PS:  Note from Jon:  I have been endorsed by the Whatcom GOP, as well as others. 



Tim Cornwell, co-founder Chuckanut Cheesecake Company, Bellwether Real Estate

“I have known Jon in a wide range of capacities for over 25 years and observed him in many roles.  He exudes passion and commitment toward people and this community, and whether it’s raising his family, leading his church, or serving us on City Council, he works tirelessly to do the best job possible. He’s a strong and effective communicator and brings clarity, understanding, and vision to those whom he leads. All this, and more, lead me to believe Jon will be a strong and effective mayor of Ferndale.” [TIM CORNWELL, Co-founder of Bellwether Real Estate, Chuckanut Cheesecake Company, former Ferndale Planning Commissioner and current member of the Ferndale E.A.G.L.E. (design standards) board]


“I have had the opportunity to work with Jon for the last three years. I continue to be impressed with his dedication to the community. Jon has all the qualities that anyone would expect of a community leader. His ability to communicate, his values and responsibility make him the right fit for Ferndale Mayor.” [TIM BALLEW, Tribal Council chairman, Lummi Nation, LIBC]

Lummi chairman, Tim Ballew

Lummi chairman, Tim Ballew

“I miss Ferndale. I miss the small-town feel and walking into Haggen at any hour, knowing I will run into someone I know. I miss serving on the City Council and attending meetings, asking questions and making decisions to serve my friends, my family and my city well.

I frequently read the newspapers and see what other people are writing about the candidates. I see what is getting posted online. I don’t like when people stoop low. I don’t like mud-slinging. I don’t like the negativity. This is Ferndale. We can do better.

Serving on a City Council has ups and downs and it’s important that you know how to handle a variety of personalities. Not everyone agrees and not everyone is nice when they don’t agree. It’s important to be level-headed, be respectful and ask lots of questions to understand the details of government.

I served on the City Council for four years and served with Jon Mutchler for two. I always appreciated his respect toward other council members and towards the city staff. I didn’t hear him berate people. I didn’t hear him patronize those who didn’t understand his point. If he didn’t understand an issue, he asked questions and met with staff outside of meeting times so he would.

Jon Mutchler is fair. He listens to all sides before making a decision.

Councilmember Faria, 2011

Councilmember Faria, 2011

Jon Mutchler talks to business owners to understand their needs. Jon Mutchler is always available to listen to the community and is often at Wood’s Coffee for people to stop by and visit.

Jon Mutchler is a family man so when he makes decisions he has the future of Ferndale firmly planted in his thoughts. It is time for you to vote for your next mayor. It’s time for you to vote for Jon Mutchler.”  [CONNIE FARIA, Ferndale Council Member, 2007-2011]

“I’ve known Jon for nearly 10 years now since coaching one of his son’s basketball teams. Jon has always put our community of Ferndale first. As a councilmember Jon takes the time to study the issues and do what is best for our community. I think [for example] it is great that Jon reaches out to me for my professional opinion regarding the housing and real estate market in order to find ways on how Ferndale may better serve its citizens. I 100% endorse Jon Mutchler for mayor of Ferndale.”  [SEAN JEFFREY, realtor RE/MAX Whatcom County, Boys/Girls Club coach]


“I appreciate that you [Jon] are a good listener and able to deliver objectivity and wisdom to our city matters. You’ve consistently advocated for the Ferndale community and citizens. No need to re-package yourself as a candidate for mayor because you’ve demonstrated yourself authentically over the years. If anyone can bridge the gap between partisan politics, I believe you’re that man.” [JEANIE BRUMLEY, mother, realtor with Keller-Williams]

“I have known Jon for many years and appreciate his unquestionable commitment to the city of Ferndale. He is a dedicated leader and as mayor he will be a tireless advocate for the families and businesses that make Ferndale so strong.” [LUANNE VAN WERVEN, Ferndale’s 42nd District State representative, former owner Ferndale Ready Mix]


Jon Mutchler, Rep. Vince Buys, Rep. Luanne VanWerven, Sen. Doug Ericksen.

“Jon Mutchler is the right choice to lead Ferndale.  Jobs and a strong economy in Ferndale will allow us to create the city we want.  Jon gets it.  A fiscal conservative with a vision for the future, I am looking forward to working with Jon to create an even better Ferndale.” [DOUG ERICKSEN, Ferndale’s 42nd District State senator]

“I have lived in Ferndale for the past 23 years and have been involved in various community organizations and had many encounters with Jon Mutchler. Jon and I haven’t always agreed on certain issues; however, we have always respected each other’s position. I admire Jon for his convictions and dedication to our community and his desire to make Ferndale a family- and business-oriented community. Being a business operator and resident of Ferndale, we need a mayor that can envision how our city can grow on both counts: a great place for families and businesses. I strongly feel that Jon Mutchler is our candidate. Leadership, accountability and proactive qualities makes Jon my choice for mayor of Ferndale. [VICTOR BOULOS, FHS Boosters and small business owner]

“We are 50-year residents of Ferndale and business owners in the city’s downtown core. We have known Jon Mutchler for over 25 years and know that he has the knowledge and experience to be a friend to local small family businesses.

Jon has many strong points. Near the top is his ability and willingness to communicate to citizens the things that City Council and City Hall are doing that impact our lives. As a current member of the Ferndale City Council, he’s open, transparent and committed to keeping us all “in the loop.” We know this practice will continue with Jon as our next mayor.

There are reasons Mayor Gary Jensen has endorsed Jon to succeed him as mayor. Jon is committed to seeing Ferndale grow in a responsible way that will help us maintain our small town feel.

Jon and his wife established the Alliance Church in 1988. Please vote for Jon Mutchler for Ferndale mayor. Also, we support Gary Jensen as Port Commissioner.   [WALT AND DONNA POLLMAN, Ferndale Drug Store, Ferndale Downtown Association member, 45 year residents]

“I’m writing to support Jon Mutchler in his bid to be the next mayor of Ferndale. Jon has served on the City Council for the past six years and is endorsed by the outgoing mayor. He has lived in Ferndale for 28 years, raised a large family, built several homes, and pastored a local church as his primary occupation.

Some people believe a Christian pastor is too conservative for government office. I think the opposite is true. Jon must be accountable to his family, his faith, a church congregation, and now the city of Ferndale. The fact that he’s carried this mantle for several decades and is widely respected amongst this city’s residents as a leader makes him exceptionally qualified to hold public office.

I do, however, consider Jon to be fiscally conservative and trust him to lead the City Council in making good use of tax revenue. Personally, Jon communicates very well, enjoys meeting people, and is transparent in his beliefs and opinions. (See his engaging web-site, voteforjon.com, if you have doubts.)

Lastly, I’d like having a middle-aged triathlete and Ski-to-Sea’er as our next mayor. As an active person, I know he won’t forget about maintenance of Ferndale’s parks, roads/trails, and the possibility of a future community swimming pool. Please join me in voting Jon Mutchler for mayor in the November election. [ANDREW PATERSON, Ferndale citizen]

“My vote is for Jon Mutchler! Having known Jon for almost five years as a friend, athlete, pastor and Ferndale City Council member, I find Jon’s professional, intelligent, respectful and positive character exemplified in numerous public settings.

As a Ferndale planning commissioner, I have made recommendations to City Council and have interacted with Jon on myriad topics with our citizens and business owners in Ferndale. I believe Jon has superlative knowledge of Ferndale’s budgets, geography, demographics, infrastructure, services, zoning regulations and building codes and is keenly interested in understanding each viewpoint and works to achieve the desired results with kindness and understanding.

I believe Jon is easily the best-qualified mayoral candidate. Not once have I heard him make disparaging comments about anyone, even though support for the opposition has not been as valorous by trying to paint him as being backed by “big developers.” Ferndale has local business owners, builders, retailers, restaurants, service providers and manufacturers, each of whom is interested in helping our fine city create jobs to grow and prosper.

If you want a mayor to hear your concerns and help our city with managed and responsible growth while serving our community with honesty and integrity, I believe you should vote for Jon. He has my full support.” [FRED KENNEDY, Ferndale Planning Commission]


“I have known Jon Mutchler for most of seven years that I have lived in Ferndale, relating to him in a variety of ways throughout that time, including as one of his adult piano students, cycling together in the surrounding countryside and discussing faith and politics over coffee.

I have found Jon to be an honest, thoughtful man of intelligence and integrity that seeks to do his best to genuinely hear and understand others. I appreciate his energy, humor, multifaceted life and care for his community. He also often asked about my involvement on the Ferndale Arts Commission during my term.

I have known Jon to be an excellent professional concert pianist at the Semiahmoo Resort as well as volunteering as a piano player at Louisa Place and for other community functions. Jon also supports the Arts through Ferndale Dance and has been a regular promoter of the Ten Thousand Villages Craft Sale held each Fall at Good News Fellowship Church. Jon is also well respected as a member of the Ferndale City Council, serving on planning and land use; finance and administration committees.

A thoughtful and sincere man of action, Jon has my vote as our next Ferndale Mayor. [DOUG BASCOM, Ferndale Arts Commission]


“I am a volunteer serving on the Ferndale Parks, Recreation and Trails Advisory Board and as such I donate time to meet, discuss and advise the city on how to improve our parks and trails with limited city resources.

We met for months to advise the city on how to move forward with the parks district proposal “Proposition 1” on your ballot this year. In a slim vote the city council rejected significant parts of our proposal. Following that vote, council member Jon Mutchler reached out to us and invited us back to council to share mutual concerns. So we came to speak at the next meeting, at his and the mayor’s invitation.

I felt attacked, insulted and bullied by council members Cathy Watson, Keith Olson and Paul Ingram because we dared to challenge the decisions of council. I believe nearly everyone in the room was embarrassed by the actions of these members and many said so afterward. Don’t take our word, you can judge for yourself. We invite you to hear from council members yourself at the CityofFerndale.org. At the City Council section, look under past meeting audio recordings Feb 2, 2015. Start listening around minute 50.

You will see why I believe supporting Jon Mutchler for mayor and Teresa Taylor for council, seat 4, is the right choice. Please join me in supporting people who will listen to volunteers. [CLEO CALLEN, Ferndale business owner, PRTB member]

Here is the audio link that Mr. Callen is referring to: Feb 2, 2015 Meeting

“I am a long time resident of Whatcom County and the city of Ferndale. I support Jon Mutchler as Ferndale’s next mayor. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jon four years now. Jon will bring with him many qualities that I feel will help him excel in the position of mayor. A couple of those qualities are his ability to listen and study, then respond, to the needs of the community. I believe Jon has established himself as a very effective City Council Member. This has prepared him for the next step. Please look at www.VoteForJon.com.

This is a very informative website that should answer any questions and help dispel any reservation you may have.Please join me and vote Nov. 3 for Jon Mutchler as Ferndale’s next mayor. [KARRY LATTIG, lifetime resident]


I believe Jon Mutchler has been a great city councilman and that he will be a great mayor. Jon is a good listener. Before Jon supports an issue he contacts all parties involved and gets their input. He does his research. I have not always agreed with Jon, but I have always felt he was well informed before he makes his decision. I believe Jon is a person who will represent all people and business not special interests. Jon is a local person who loves Ferndale. Please vote Jon Mutchler for mayor. [BOB BELL, Ferndale business owner]

“Having worked with Jon Mutchler the past six years on the Ferndale City Council, I heartily endorse his candidacy for mayor of Ferndale.

Jon Mutchler has been a significant contributor to some of Ferndale’s biggest projects in recent years, including a new library, a community center, a law and justice center and two new parks. 

He has either chaired or served on the City Council’s Finance/Administration, Planning/Land Use and Public Safety/Neighborhood Services committees, gaining extensive knowledge about Ferndale’s needs, operations and budgets.

I’ve also been impressed with the civility and respect he brings to City Council meetings. Jon Mutchler has stood up for individuals at these meetings, enabling them to state their viewpoints without being bullied by other council members. Like our local businesses, he knows that city government should offer Ferndale residents great customer service.

Speaking of local businesses, Jon Mutchler is an advocate for them. He wants city government to stay out of their way as much as possible. He know that when the business community thrives, the city and its citizens also will do well.

I’ve known Jon Mutchler for over 20 years. He’s the right person to lead City Hall. Please vote for Jon Mutchler on your Nov. 3 election ballot.  [GARY JENSEN, Ferndale mayor]

“Jon Mutchler has lived in Whatcom County a long time, over 30 years. While in my book that is a virtual newcomer, for many of us old-timers he at least has a couple of roots down.

Running for mayor of Ferndale, Jon shares few of the tax-and-spend policies of the Bellingham mayor and council, and recognizes the responsibility to govern prudently. Jon understands that without business there is no tax base. He also understands the needs of schools. His wife taught in the Ferndale public school system, and can empathize with those requirements.

Ferndale needs continued leadership that will not break the citizen or run down private business. Jon is the perfect fit. [WESLEY KENTCH]

“It is nice to have a person who is both a former pastor, fire chaplain, triathlon runner and music teacher running for mayor of our Ferndale. I am confident Jon Mutchler will continue the steady helm of leadership that Mayor Jensen has had these past years.” [ELINOR KING, Ferndale resident, retired]


“As a former resident, business owner (Chuckanut [Bay] Cheesecake), City Council member and current home owner in Ferndale, I would like to give my support to Jon Mutchler for mayor. I have known Jon for over 25 years and can attest to his character, integrity and love for his city. He has shown great wisdom in his council career, balancing the needs of the people while looking out for the interests of the businesses in the community. He does a tremendous amount of research and seeks opinions and facts from diverse sources before he makes any decisions. I know he does not always make the most popular decisions, but I believe he always makes the decision he considers right.

"Very Berry" Chuckanut Bay Cheesecake

“Very Berry” Chuckanut Bay Cheesecake

Jon is very honest and hardworking, often working three jobs to support his large family while keeping up his ironman training schedule and making time to meet with members of his church. I believe he has the “right stuff” for making a great mayor for the city of Ferndale. [RUSS JOHNSTON]

“I am backing Jon Mutchler for mayor of Ferndale. We bought our home just over eight years ago and have been trying to find ways to serve and get involved with our neighborhood.

That chance came just about a year a go thanks to Jon. He went out of his way to make sure our cul-de-sac was aware that the City of Ferndale was planning to sell out neighborhood Horizon View Park to use the funds elsewhere.

Jon was concerned that our neighborhood be informed of this upcoming vote (Oct 20, 2014) and so he hand-delivered, to each neighbor, a city letter providing the needed information. As a result of his efforts our neighborhood showed up at the council meeting and persuaded the council to not sell our park. The only council member who still voted to sell the park was Cathy Watson.

Jon didn’t have to go door to door to inform us that the park could be “surplused” by the city, but it was important to him that we have a chance to say our peace about the proposal. I find his willingness and desire to do his research and communicate with the people of Ferndale to be above and beyond. I know he’ll do that for all of us as mayor.

Jon values transparency, communication and community. I’ve seen that first-hand. What he did for our neighborhood, he’ll do for our city. Please vote for Jon. [CLYSTINA WILL, Ferndale resident]

Click here for the Bellingham Herald article on the near-sale of this park: