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There were 4 very kind “letters to the editor” in the August 19 Ferndale Record about my efforts to serve Ferndale as our next mayor.
They are from businessman and Golden Eagle Booster Victor Boulos, long time Ferndale people Walt and Donna Pollman (Heritage Society, owners of “Ferndale Drug”), citizen Drew Paterson, and former Ferndale council member Connie Faria. I paste them all here, with my humble gratitude.
Supports Mutchler
I have lived in Ferndale for the past 23 years and have been involved in various community organizations and had many encounters with Jon Mutchler. Jon and I haven’t always agreed on certain issues; however, we have always respected each other’s position.
I admire Jon for his convictions and dedication to our community and his desire to make Ferndale a family- and business-oriented imagecommunity. Being a business operator and resident of Ferndale, we need a mayor that can envision how our city can grow on both counts: a great place for families and businesses.
I strongly feel that Jon Mutchler is our candidate. Leadership, accountability and proactive qualities makes Jon my choice for mayor of Ferndale.
— Victor Boulos Jr.
For Mutchler, Jensen
We are 50-year residents of Ferndale and business owners in the city’s downtown core. We have known Jon Mutchler for over 25 years and know that he has the knowledge and experience to be a friend to local small family businesses.
Jon has many strong points. Near the top is his ability and willingness to communicate to citizens the things that City Council and City Hall are doing that impact our lives. As a current member of the Ferndale City Council, he’s open, transparent and committed to keeping us all “in the loop.” We know this practice will continue with Jon as our next mayor.
There are reasons Mayor Gary Jensen has endorsed Jon to succeed him as mayor. Jon is committed to seeing Ferndale grow in a responsible way that will help us maintain our small town feel.
Jon and his wife established the Alliance Church in 1988.
Please vote for Jon Mutchler for Ferndale mayor.
Also, we support Gary Jensen as Port Commissioner.
— Walt and Donna Pollman
Supports Mutchler
I miss Ferndale. I miss the small-town feel and walking into Haggen at any hour, knowing I will run into someone I know. I miss serving on the City Council and attending meetings, asking questions and making decisions to serve my friends, my family and my city well.
I frequently read the newspapers and see what other people are writing about the candidates. I see what is getting posted online. I don’t like when people stoop low. I don’t like mud-slinging. I don’t like the negativity. This is Ferndale. We can do better.
Serving on a City Council has ups and downs and it’s important that you know how to handle a variety of personalities. Not everyone agrees and not everyone is nice when they don’t agree. It’s important to be level-headed, be respectful and ask lots of questions to understand the details of government.
I served on the City Council for four years and served with Jon Mutchler for two. I always appreciated his respect toward other council members and towards the city staff. I didn’t hear him berate people. I didn’t hear him patronize those who didn’t understand his point. If he didn’t understand an issue, he asked questions and met with staff outside of meeting times so he would.
Jon Mutchler is fair. He listens to all sides before making a decision.
Jon Mutchler talks to business owners to understand their needs.
Jon Mutchler is always available to listen to the community and is often at Wood’s Coffee for people to stop by and visit.
Jon Mutchler is a family man so when he makes decisions he has the future of Ferndale firmly planted in his thoughts.
It is time for you to vote for your next mayor. It’s time for you to vote for Jon Mutchler.
— Connie Faria
Supports Mutchler
I’m writing to support Jon Mutchler in his bid to be the next mayor of Ferndale. Jon has served on the City Council for the past six years and is endorsed by the outgoing mayor. He has lived in Ferndale for 28 years, raised a large family, built several homes, and pastored a local church as his primary occupation.
Some people believe a Christian pastor is too conservative for government office. I think the opposite is true. Jon must be accountable to his family, his faith, a church congregation, and now the city of Ferndale. The fact that he’s carried this mantle for several decades and is widely respected amongst this city’s residents as a leader makes him exceptionally qualified to hold public office.
I do, however, consider Jon to be fiscally conservative and trust him to lead the City Council in making good use of tax revenue. Personally, Jon communicates very well, enjoys meeting people, and is transparent in his beliefs and opinions. (See his engaging web-site,, if you have doubts.)
Lastly, I’d like having a middle-aged triathlete and Ski-to-Sea’er as our next mayor. As an active person, I know he won’t forget about maintenance of Ferndale’s parks, roads/trails, and the possibility of a future community swimming pool. Please join me in voting Jon Mutchler for mayor in the November election.
— Andrew Paterson